Chameleon 4 in 1 reversible custom poker table

"Oh my gosh, Tony, I cannot tell you how much we love this table. We have been playing cards like crazy. It is such a special and unique gift you helped me with for my husband,and the custom top you did just made it all the more special.It is very hard to find a gift for my husband and this one blew him away!!"  - Eva Talley.

​​ Chameleon Standard Options

  • Decorative Nails- Chrome or Antique Brass with card suit embossing in the nail head, installed at the standard 2" spacing.
  • Poker Cloths (3 come standard with this table) - you choose 2 different colors of "suited"or "non-suited" poker cloths for the 2 sides of the reversible full felt playing surface, and you choose the 3rd color of "suited" or "non-suited" cloth for the small removable insert that fits inside the reversible racetrack. Only one of the small removable inserts that fit inside the racetrack is supplied with the table, but I can supply as many as you'd like in different cloths and colors for an additional $200 each. Custom poker layouts are typically $300 and up. 
  • Reversible Racetrack- You choose the stain color for both sides of the racetrack. If you'd like a painted racetrack, it costs an additional $100 per side to paint it in a solid color. You can do 1 stain color and 1 paint color on the racetrack. Keep in mind that the 2 different finishes on the 2 sides of the reversible racetrack will be combined with the single removable insert that is supplied with the table, which will make up 2 of the 4 different setups that the table has.
  • Armrest Material- Your choice of available colors and you choose between a "Smooth" or "Carbon Fiber" patterned vinyl.
  • Table Base- You choose between my heavy-duty, paintable/stainable, wood pedestal style base, or my heavy-duty, custom-made steel base with or without a footrest. (Photos of both bases can be seen on the Home Page). My custom-made steel bases come in a satin black paint finish. The steel base finish can be upgraded to a powder-coat finish for $100 more. 

Chameleon Upgrades

  • 60" Round (up to 8 players)- $200
  • Drink holders- $150. The most common drink holders that are used on poker tables are the jumbo and regular size Stainless Steel type. I can also get Brushed Brass, and white or black plastic. You choose where they are installed on the table.
  • LED Light System- $400. The lighting system is controlled by a wireless remote control. It has 16 colors with dimmer and flash/strobe functions. It is installed behind a diffuser/light cover that has card suit shapes cut out of it. Other cut-out shapes are available. 
  • Custom Poker Layouts- Typically $300 and up. Contact me for details.

How The Chameleon Works

The Chameleon is basically a modular poker table. It is made up of 2 different layers of reversible playing surfaces that are stacked on each other. The first layer on the table has a reversible "racetrack" with a removable insert that sits in the center of it. The second layer has a reversible "full-felt" style (no racetrack) playing surface. The layer that is not in use, is always hidden within the table, completely out of sight, underneath the layer that is in use. 

Changing the Chameleon from one setup to another is a breeze, and takes less than 5 minutes to perform. You simply remove the armrest, flip the reversible top layer over, then put the armrest back on. To change to one of the other 2 setups, you remove the armrest, then move the top layer to the bottom layer's position and the reversible bottom layer now becomes the top. 

Like all of my tables, the armrest on the Chameleon fastens to the table top with countersunk hex head bolts which hold the separate layer's of the table together like a sandwich, making the table top a single unit, which is great for transporting.

Eva's Chameleon ("4 in 1" Reversible Racetrack & Reversible Full Felt, base price $2599) with the following upgrades: 2 extra Custom Ace/Skull Layout Inserts for the Racetrack surface ($600), 60" Diameter ($200), LED Light System ($400), Drink Holders ($150), white paint finish on one side of the Reversible Racetrack ($100). 

​Table cost, as shown, is $4049

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chameleon reversible game table

4 setups, fully customizable, 3 year warranty, 

55" round starting at $2599

The Chameleon reversible game table comes standard in a 55" round shape. It includes 3 different colored poker cloths, a Reversible Racetrack, a Reversible Full Felt playing surface, and your choice of one of my heavy-duty table bases in steel or wood. 

Contact me to design and place your order on a fully customized Chameleon game table.  

Scroll down to see photos of my customer's Chameleon custom game tables.

Ted's 50" Chameleon ("4 in 1" Reversible Racetrack & Reversible Full Felt, base price $2599) with the following upgrades: LED Lights ($400), Drink Holders ($150), Paint Finish on one side of the Reversible Racetrack ($100).

Table cost, as shown, $3049


"Tony, thanks for your dedication and hard work you put into custom building the poker table for me that I order. You are the best what you do, special the excellent craftsmanship and detail you put into the table this is amazing. Once again Tony thank you!!!" - Ted Nguyen.